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Comments The following article first appeared on Salon. Keep independent journalism alive! Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? On this subreddit, taking off her red coat. Ever wonder what the Flinstones get up to in their conjugal rock-bed? Imagine no more fun fact:

Can ‘The Bachelorette’ Recover From Its Front-Runner’s Instagram Scandal?

Starting in the s, Bengali nationalists used the term in political rallies in East Pakistan. The term Bangla is a major name for both the Bengal region and the Bengali language. The term Vangaladesa is found in 11th-century South Indian records.

Ex-CSO Alex Stamos says no one at Facebook ever told him not to examine Russian interference, but company’s comms strategy of minimization and denial was wrong — Alex Stamos is a Hoover fellow and adjunct professor at Stanford previously served as the chief security officer at .

Roosh V shocked to discover that white supremacist movement is full of white supremacists February 24, Roosh V: Stunned that racists are racist Roosh Valizadeh has been having a bit of a tough time this year, to put it mildly. Members of Parliament have joked about his penis in the House of Commons, and now a member of the European Parliament is trying to get him and his followers banned from traveling to Europe. And on top of all this, Roosh has now made a horrifying discovery: For a time last year, as unlikely as this may sound, it looked as though Roosh and the alt-right were on their way to becoming a cute couple.

Adding yet another level of irony to the already heaping mountain of irony here, Roosh complains that the evil alt-right has been seducing vulnerable men with pretty lies: They will seduce discontented men with white identity and white pride, allowing them entry into the club based primarily on skin color, and then pull the switcheroo and grossly limit their behavior in a way that is worse than feminism.

The alt right is becoming so authoritarian that a man may actually be happier as a male feminist and sleeping with blue haired freaks with Skrillex haircuts than having all his sexual and friendship choice subject to approval by the alt right mob. Roosh is not giving up any of his old bigotries. Also, I have never boiled or eaten even a single kitten.

And then he declared war: As Andrew Anglin astutely observed, Roosh sells interracial cuckold porn — and tweets about cuckolding white men — to legions of adoring White Nationalist followers. But it needs to end.

Double Standard

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Oct 12,  · When dating, Asian men have to face not only racism and prejudice from non-Asians, but internalized racism from Asian women as well. We’re not complaining about Asian women who date inter-racially. We’re mad when some Asian women have internalized ideas about Asian male unattractiveness, and refuse to date them.

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In fictionland, women are weak and ineffectual. Consequently, women can inflict physical violence to men all they want, it can’t be that serious. And if it is, it’s “justified” since women are morally superior, hence use violence more wisely than men. As for psychological abuse, it doesn’t count since it’s Unmanly for a man to have feelings aside from fury and urges to kill. All Abusers Are Male:

Sugar dating is the oldest dynamic around: Rich person contracts poorer but younger/hotter person into some combination of obligations that includes but is only rarely limited to straight-up sex.

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From the awesome http: Lets just say I fit pretty neatly in to the trans narrative. My mom, although Buddhist, believes gay people are evil and if I told her I was trans and tried to explain gender dysphoria to her she would probably think I was seriously possessed by a demon, hence my choice of name: Lilith har har iamsoclever.

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They are such an eyesore that I wish they would just put a big fat trigger warning on themselves, or just like wear one of those blankets that women from the Mid-East wear, jihads, or whatever, and cover up completely. I am referring, of course, to WMAW couples: White Man — Asian Woman couples. If they wanna date a white man, all the more power to them, right?

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Oct 12, TDLink said: We see it time and time again. You have to remember that interracial anything was extremely taboo even a couple decades ago. It’s not surprising that this is so deeply ingrained in society.

Feb 21,  · The Asian masculinity Subreddit 21 02 Travel, sex, and dating blog, tourist, non confrmist, adventure seeker, culture explorer, sex and dating travel blog, Asian pioneer, Asian Manosphere, Asian Pride Website, A kickass blog for the Asian man, Author of #1 Amazon best seller “Get Laid in Hong Kong.

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Racist White Guy Goes Berserk When German Girl Won’t Leave Her Asian BF for Him

Too Slow The late Cornelius P. It is important to understand that Sarkicism is not only a system of beliefs but an ancient culture that has, in secret, preserved its own language, traditions, and societal norms while outwardly adopting the dominant culture of the lands they inhabit. To comprehend the Sarkic psychology, one must remember how their minds are shaped by their distinct social environment.

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What It’s Like Dating An Asian