How To Turn Your CB Car Radio Into A Powerful Transmitter

For noise elimination, it has an auto-squelch and a built-in automatic noise limiter. It is easy to use thanks to the front positioning of the microphone and the extra-long coiled cord. Product Highlights You can use it as a PA system. Those things to put under consideration include: Power Contrary to what you may think, or may have been made to believe, all CB radios have the same transmission power once you open and set them up. The single-sideband CB radios, also called SSBs can transmit 12 watts of power since it takes all that power and transfers it into one sideband. On the downside, you only get to communicate with other SSB radios, and you have to switch to the main channel to communicate with those without SSB radios. When traveling, getting weather updates and alerts is important as it keeps you safe and helps your trips hence the presence of a weather alerts feature in all CB radios.

What type of feedline coax should I use for my antenna

Guide to Scanner Antennas by Mike Diaz There have been many questions regarding how to select an antenna for scanning. This is a Readers Digest version of antennas, meant to give new users some idea of the different antennas and their good and bad points. This is not an all inclusive book on antennas, but rather a guide for novices in their quest to learn more about their scanning hobby.

CB Antenna Tuning Instructions. Enough theory – let’s tune that antenna! To tune a CB antenna, you’ll need to have correctly installed both your CB radio and your CB antenna. You’ll also need an SWR meter and a coaxial jumper cable; both can be purchased for around $20 from most CB shops. Hook up .

When I was a teenager, I used it with my old Realistic stereo receiver to improve its AM reception, and it did work. My dad put it up for me. You might also find it from other electronics suppliers. Find two points, such as two poles NOT utility poles! Any safe places above the ground from which you can string this wire will do. Remember that not just the mounting places, but the “air-space” through which the wire will be strung must be free of obstructions, such as trees, and especially power lines.

Whatever you do, don’t put it on the same corner of the house through which your electrical service enters! First, that will be dangerous, and second, you’ll pick up power line noise. This antenna picks up signals best at right angles. It picks up worst end-on. Therefore, remember to orient the wire to pick up from the direction in which you are most interested. Using an eye-hook at each point, attach a length of nylon rope. Tie the other end of the nylon rope to each insulator. The bare copper wire is strung from between the insulators, as shown in the diagram.

Antenna Rotor Cable PVC Jacket

An outdoor Wi-Fi antenna is well suited for picking up Wi-Fi transmissions that might be blocks away. Thee outdoor Wi-Fi antenna must be properly connected to the router being used with the wireless home network if it is to be used reliably over time. The procedure requires a few common household tools as well as some supplies from a hardware store and electronics shop. Screw an end of the coaxial cable onto the female coax end of the USB-to-coax adapter.

Firestik CB Antenna The Firestik Antenna is one of the best-selling off-road antennas on the market today. Composed of fiberglass and proudly made here in the U.S. of A., this antenna and the CB antenna mount that comes with it are the perfect accessory for your pick-up, Jeep or other off-road vehicle.

Weather Can I share my antenna with 2 radios Great question I receive is how to split the signal from the antenna for two or more radios to use. Signal splitting can be very easy, or quite difficult, depending on your particular needs. Many scanner listeners will usually get by with a cable tv splitter. These splitters will work with scanners, the only problem is that they are designed for 75 ohm coax cable and require F connectors. Transmitting through a signal splitter will cause damage to the other radios connected to the splitter.

An element of filtering is required if you want to use two transmitters with one antenna.

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September 5, I’ve got a question about the ‘static’ in my cb radio. BUT, when the key is on the ‘acc’ position turned back there is hardly any static. I’ve tried hooking the radio straight to the battery, both positive and ground and started the truck Is the cab ground bad?

CB external speakers let you hear load and clear what is being said on your CB radio or scanner when the listening environment is not ideal.

Procedure The first step is to remove the cowl pieces on the both sides. Removing the passenger side is not really necessary but I removed it so I could measure the radio antenna location so that the CB antenna would be roughly in the same spot, on the opposite side. To remove the cowl pieces you must first remove the wiper blades. Then remove 8 phillips head screws 4 on each side across the top of the cowl.

Next, raise the hood and remove the 6 plastic clips, that hold a wiring harness in place, along the front edge of the cowl. Then remove the weatherstrip by simply lifting it off. Now lift the cowl pieces up and pull the washer fluid tubing off of the sprayers. Then the cowl pieces can be removed. The picture below shows a good place to disconnect the passenger side tube. There is a similar connection for the driver side cowl piece, that you access after lifting the cowl piece up.

Now you can see the metal piece where you will install the antenna mount. From the factory, this piece slopes downward. For the antenna mount, you must use pliers or a small adjustable wrench to tweak the metal piece around until the antenna will be straight and square.


Visually survey your property and find out exactly where your right to put up antennas and your neighbor’s right to tear them down ends. This sets your limits. If there is an XYL involved, the available space may be artificially restricted even further.

Dec 28,  · I want to get the cb hooked up but there is no power/ground terminals on dash or in the cb area on the overhead. There is a coax cable for the antenna but thats it. There are also two “plugs” that I think are female that ive never scene before. so i dont know.

I usually find that about feet pipe length is sufficient to mount the antenna into the rotor. The end result is the boom of the antenna is about 40 to 50 inches above the last mast support creating a stable mount. The less an antenna wiggles and jiggles the longer it will last. Channel Master Rotor Model Keeping the mast at a minimal height increases the stability of the antenna and reduces the stress on the rotor.

This adds to the longevity to both the antenna and rotor. The installation order of things goes like this. Each particular item comes with directions pertaining to assembly and installation. Install the mount according to the type you have. You may want to visit: How to install a eave mount. Assemble the antenna according to the instructions. The TV antenna mounts to the mast pipe using the U-bolt assembly included.

Mounts to mast pipe up to 1.

Bike-To-Bike Communication: Motorcycle CB Radio and More

Can the repo men hook up your car with you in it? No, it’s illegal to ride in a towed vehicle. However, if you’regetting into the vehicle to prohibit the car from being towed, youcould find yourself in trouble with the law. Once the car is on arepo list, it’s no longer technically yours due to default onpayments. How do you hook up a TV to an outside antenna? One end is attached to the antenna and the other end comes into the house and connects to the tv.

The Antenna Farm: VHF & UHF Mobile Radios Radio Accessories VHF & UHF Hand Held Radios Antennas Mobile Antenna Mounts SWR/Power Meters Adapters Coaxial Cable Two Way Accessories Antenna Accessories DC Power Supplies Coax Cable Accessories Connectors Aviation Radios Repeater Systems Towers & Accessories Scanners & Receivers Duplexers Diplexers & Triplexers VHF & UHF Base Stations CB .

An all-steel structure with a powerful spring allows the antenna to bend instead of break if hit by something. Mount swivels allow for horizontal or vertical mounting position. It has its own long ground cable with the eye on end. A nice long antenna wire allows for routing behind the dashboard. This item comes with its own stainless mounting bolts, nuts, and lock washers.

It is an excellent product for a reasonable price.

How to Connect an Outdoor Wi-Fi Antenna to a Router

A CB radio does not require a license to operate. There is no minimum age requirement to operate a CB radio. According to the FCC rules

swr meter hook-up The SWR of the antenna, without feedline, can be measured by placing the SWR meter in-line at the antenna instead of at the radio. However, the coax can help or hinder performance.

For testing purposes, I replaced the factory hinge bolts with M10 x 1. To get the coax cable inside your JL Wrangler, you will need to remove the spare tire and pulled the rubber plug sitting next to the tire carrier. Using a plastic trim pry tool, remove the plastic trim from the inside of your tailgate. If you get a FireStik K-8R18 18 foot Fire-Flex coax cable with Fire-Ring , the threaded connector will not be installed and this will allow you to phish the cable into the tailgate.

The space inside the tailgate is tight and it can be tough to phish through to the other side but it can be done with a little effort. Taking the rubber plug that you removed from the tailgate, drill a small hole through the center of it. Using a utility knife, cut a slit from the hole to the outside edge of the rubber plug. You can now reinstall the rubber plug onto the tailgate and with the coax cable passing through it.

After cleaning up the threads of paint on the lower tailgate hinge bolt, you can attach a Universal 48″ Inch Copper Ground Strap to it and secure it in place using an M10 x 1.

CB Antenna Stud Assembly